The Sunset Inn, North Carolina
9 North Shore Drive E
Sunset Beach, North Carolina, 28468, United States
(888) 575-1001 Toll Free

Rooms on Top Level

Hatteras 36 Hatteras 25 Hatteras 20 021x (Medium)

Hatteras Grand Room

The Hatteras Room was named for the most popular North Carolina lighthouse, The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

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Scotch Bonnet Room 03 Scotch Bonnet Room 11 Scotch Bonnet 1

Scotch Bonnet Room

“Seashells by the Seashore” could be an ode to The Scotch Bonnet, the State Shell of North Carolina.

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Hibiscus 16 Hibiscus 30 Hibiscus 18

Hibiscus Room

The Hibiscus Room was named after the exotic lush blooming plant with a large flower that steals the show.

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Azalea Room 32 Azalea Room 27 Azalea Room 36

Azalea Room

Decorated with pale yellow, rose and a soft green. The color scheme and extra touches make this room very romantic. The room is located on the top floor directly in the middle. Non smoking only.

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Bermuda Room 31 Bermuda Room 39 Bermuda

Bermuda Room

Named after the twenty-one mile long island located 564 miles due east of North Carolina, The Bermuda Room boasts tropical colors to emulate the feeling of the popular & charming destination.

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Charleston Room 22 Charleston Room 24 Charleston 3

Charleston Room

Named after the beautiful historic city in southeastern South Carolina, The Charleston Room is decorated in rich, contrasting colors of beige and burgundy.

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Bird Island Room 38 Bird Island 8 Bird Island 5 021x (Medium)

Bird Island Grand Room

The Bird Island Room is named for the only undeveloped barrier island in North Carolina west of the Cape Fear River and is home to the “Kindred Spirit.”

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Rooms on Lobby Level

Old Baldy porch Old Baldy Room 15 Old Baldy Room 30 021x (Medium)

Old Baldy Grand Room

The Old Baldy Room was named after the Old Baldy Lighthouse which retains its importance today as one of the oldest historic structures in North Carolina.

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Smithville 4 Smithville Room 30 Smithville Room 58

Smithville Room

Smithville, founded in 1792, was the original name of Southport, NC.

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Dogwood Room 12 Dogwood Room 18 Dogwood Room 22

Dogwood Room

The Dogwood Room, named after North Carolina’s state flower, is lovely and bright.

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Hibiscus 16 Live Oak 2 Live Oak Live Oak 3 Live Oak 2015

Live Oak Room

The Live Oak Room was named after "one of the noblest trees in the world and virtually an emblem of the Old South."

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Magnolia Room 19 Magnolia Room 28 Magnolia Room 41

Magnolia Room

What would the south be without a Southern Magnolia? The Magnolia Room depicts the elegance of the graceful Magnolia tree with creamy white & mossy green colors.

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Oleander Room 01 Oleander 1 Oleander Room

Oleander Room

The Oleander, which is a tropical plant, is very popular at Sunset Beach and was the inspiration for The Oleander Room.

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Vesta Room 137 Vesta Room 115 Vesta Grand Room 021x (Medium)

Vesta Grand Room

The Vesta Room was named after the Blockade Runner “Vesta” which sank January 10, 1864 on her maiden voyage.

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