The Sunset Inn, North Carolina
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Sunset Beach, North Carolina, 28468, United States
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There's Nothing Ghoulish About the Hotels

Some people get a little skiddish around this time of year. They peek around corners, look over their shoulders, and check under the bed at night. Even when they don’t do these things it feels like the right thing to do. Why? Because Halloween is approaching and for many, that means paranoia! Nobody wants to be caught by surprise and have the daylights scared out of them!

Just because you may be coming to the beach for a vacation, doesn’t mean you can escape the ghoulishness of Halloween. This time of year ghosts and goblins run amuck no matter where you are. So when you’re looking at Ocean Isle Beach hotels where you can stay you just might want to come on over to Sunset Beach and stay at The Sunset Inn instead.

Unlike at some Ocean Isle Beach hotels there’s no need to check under the bed when you’re with us. But if you decide to go out, be careful where you venture. There are some scary happenings taking place in the area.

For instance, the Panic Attack Haunted Attraction is the largest, most elaborate, scariest, wildest, bloodiest, most intense haunted house the area has ever seen. Hollywood-quality special effects, elaborate sets, and terrifying live actors will scare you and exploit your deepest fears. The shocking and twisted journey through the Panic Attack is like a bad dream gone worse that sends you into a blood-curdling, psychological massacre of fears, phobias and haunts. It’s taking place now through Nov. 2, 6-11 p.m. Thursdays, 6 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday at 1290 South 15th Street, Wilmington, NC.