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Kindred Spirit Mailbox, Sunset Beach, NC

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The Kindred Spirit Mailbox can be found on Bird Island in Sunset Beach, NC. Some go in search of it while others discover it by accident. To those who live on the island it’s a treasure and a landmark for our quaint and picturesque beach town.

The mailbox is hidden back by the dunes about two miles from the pier on the west end. I like to search for the American flag because I know to look for it there after passing a small sign welcoming you to Bird Island. Be warned that once you find it, it will be hard to leave without peeking inside and getting caught up reading through the journals left in the tiny metal frame. In the journals and old composition books you will discover notes, poems, love letters, farewells to loved ones, and even something as simple as I was here. Hours can be lost in such a remote little spot but I promise it will be something that you will never forget.

So when you come and stay at The Sunset Inn here in Sunset Beach, NC be sure to visit the treasure of the island known as the Kindred Spirit Mailbox.